Imagine the Stockpile Possibilities

This is what my husband made for me this weekend: more storage space.

The project started because we stored some paper towels in the garage and when we ripped one roll open we noticed the first couple of sheets were covered in dust. We found the cabinet doors through Freecycle and my husband bought brackets and shelving at the local hardware store. We had plywood from old projects.

The shelves for the cabinet below were already there, he just added the side panels and the doors to it. That is “his” storage though.

Overall the cost of the project was $100 but with it, we now have added a lot of storage room. My husband also created a safe place to store his garden products out of our children’s reach. I have also emptied the area underneath the kitchen sink of cleaning supplies and it has made the garage more organized.

Now I don’t have to worry about things getting dusty, or the garage looking messy because it is all put away behind cabinet doors. But for now, the left side of my storage area is all empty, so imagine the possibilities!