Indulging Doesn’t Have to Cost too Much

I married a chocoholic. On regular days I like to spoil my husband with good candy, but on special days I like to treat him to something amazing. Gourmet chocolates usually come with a hefty price tag. However, Consumer Reports has come out with a list of good value chocolate. So you don’t have to spend without knowing that you are getting what your money is worth. Here are the top picks:

  1. Candinas chocolates: 36 pieces or 1lb for $43. Truffle style chocolate with nuts, caramel and liqueur flavor centers. This was rated excellent for people looking for traditional flavors
  2. Jacques Torres. “Jacques Choice”, fifty pieces or 1 lb for $53. Enjoy flavors such as key lime pie, caramel and chilli pepper. Rated Excellent for adventurous flavors.
  3. Godiva. “Gold Ballotin” rated very good. 15.25z will cost you $38. Uses mostly traditional fillings
  4. See’s. “Old Time Assorted” also rated very good. Sixteen ounces will cost you $15. This is the best value I think.
  5. Others rated only good: Fanny May, Hershey’s Pot of Gold Premium, Russell Stover, Whitman’s Sampler and Lindt.

So this Valentines day if you were thinking of treating your sweetheart to something special make sure you at least are getting your money’s worth. Yummm!

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