Iron Shopper Week 8

Welcome to week EIGHT of the Iron Shopper Challenge! Every Monday I will set up this post where you can share and brag about the deals you got at the stores you shop. On Sunday morning I will close this thread and name the winner of the Iron Shopper Challenge for the week. The winner will be selected based on the number of votes their entry gets. So make sure to make your entry appealing to get people to vote for it. Share your deal with friends and family to get more votes too. Competing is OK but having fun is what’s important. I want this to be a forum where you can share and brag about the deals you have gotten.

Who will be the winner this time around? Remember that it’s free and fun to play and you get to share your deals plus you also get a chance to win a $20 prize. For a list of the rules and how-to’s check here.

Important Note: You need to make sure your image is not too large to upload. The file needs to be 1,000 bits. Use a free software like to make the size of the file it’s not too big.

Have fun!