Is it Good to Cry Sometimes?

good to cryIt’s a delicate subject because crying can have both positive and negative aspects. But there are some instances when it’s good to cry.

Crying has an impact over our bodies and over our minds. There are many studies that show that crying has a cathartic effect on us. It releases the toxins out of our system; it makes us more relaxed and less irritated or sad. Unfortunately a lot of people see crying as a vulnerability or something that should be kept private.

This isn’t always true, though. Here are some reasons why it’s good to cry…

Less Emotional Stress

Crying seems to alleviate stress and provides an outlet for negative emotions. We will deal with less emotional stress and less tension after a good cry. We can come up with solutions and think without our minds being clouded by sadness or worries.

The Toxins in Our Bodies

People should see crying as a chemical process, too. It can be good to cry, because it does release some toxins from our bodies. This is why we tend to feel more relaxed and lighter after crying. When we refrain from crying, we invite toxins in our system and they build up making us feel sadder, sicker and lacking energy.

Sleeping Seems Easier

If you have trouble sleeping, it can be good to cry too, since we tend to feel tired after crying. We often won’t have any problems falling asleep after we shed some tears. Strange how things work, isn’t it?

Congratulations, You’re Not a Psycho

Crying is an admission of feelings. The existence of feelings should be embraced; psychopaths and sociopaths are unable to truly cry. They may shed some fake tears, but that’s about it. Crying shows you how you feel about people, situations, things. You have a broader perspective on life and you can socialize better. Expressing feelings isn’t considered to be a vulnerability; on the contrary it’s defining for us, as species.

The Process of Healing

A great loss r grief can lead to crying your heart out; this is the very process of healing. It’s a long and painful path, but it helps you understand the significance of the person you lost and how you can cope with it and what you should do in order to keep the memory alive. Crying will alleviate some of the pain you are feeling.

High Blood Pressure? Not Anymore

When you cry, the pulse is being regulated and so is the blood pressure. So if you suffer from high blood pressure, it can be good to cry.

No Obstacles

When we keep things inside and when we unconsciously repress things, feelings, memories all of this information stocks up and it will make us burst in the end. We need to remove the “mental clutter” from our lives. Venting your feelings is so healthy! You can move past an obstacle and achieve many things if you confront your feelings and find solutions to the problems that you are experiencing.