Is This Necessity One of the Major Causes of Stress for You?

causes of stressHeadaches. Irritability. Restlessness.

Stress can manifest itself in all sorts of different ways, and causes of stress can sometimes remain a mystery. Unfortunately, in such a high paced society, stress is not all that uncommon. It’s not unusual for most people to notice signs of stress at least a few times int heir lives.

If you’re at a loss regarding the major causes of stress in your life, it’s time to start looking. Stress generally doesn’t come out of nowhere. There are some key factors or signs that can be considered red flags when it comes to this mental tension. You need to practice some introspection and use your analytical mind to see if you’re in the red zone.

One of the biggests causes of stress in our lives is one of the necessities—our jobs.

Job (In)security

We all feel insecure about our jobs at one point in our lives, and this is often one of the major causes of stress. Maybe the economy isn’t doing so well, maybe the management is constantly firing people. This is reason enough to struggle with the usual work load and the ensuing stress. After all, constantly fearing that you’re going to lose your job can be pretty stressful! The best remedy for this kind of situation is to consider hunting for other available jobs. Better work in a secure environment, where you don’t have to fear losing your job.

Working Overtime

Staff cutbacks have a negative impact over the entire company. This is how the rest of the employees find themselves in the position of working overtime. Our brains and bodies need a break and we weren’t designed to work more than 8-9 hours a day. In time, working overtime will influence our sleeping and eating habits and even our thinking. Long hours are also one of the more common causes of stress. Working too much can also cause physical health problems over time, and stress will be just one of our problems. If you have the possibility, stop working overtime on a regular basis. Be sure to also take some time out to relax and squelch some of the common causes of stress.

High Expectations

Usually, the expectations in all areas of out lives are high. The management puts pressure on your performance and imposes strict deadlines. But high expectations can leave you feeling tired and be one of your major causes of stress. Constantly trying to prove your worth without receiving a raise, any compensation or acknowledgment for your work can really be difficult. When the expectations are high, but the thank you’s or the rewards don’t exist, there will be a problem. Frustration and stress are the natural reactions to the lack of reaction from management.

The Threats and Pressure

There is no such thing as an ideal job, but nowadays most companies try their best to assure the necessary things for their employees. These companies try to create a healthy work environment where people can evolve and give their best. But there are some employers who threaten and put pressure on their employees and this is bad for the company, bad for business; it’s bad for everyone involved. This is one of the main factors and causes of stress in a work environment. The best thing one can do in this case is seek a different place to work. Supervisors with this kind of attitude proves that there is little room left for change or improvement.


In order to figure out your causes of stress, try to better monitor your reactions, thoughts, attitudes and actions at your workplace for a week or two. Afterwards, check to see if most reactions are the main triggers of stress. From that point on, there are several things you can do from improving your mental state to talking with your coworkers and managers to even going to see a therapist that can help you out.