It Was Good While It Lasted

40 Tubs of baby wipes plus 24 tubs of toddler wipes and a few assorted bottles of baby wash and lotion later I am done with the Huggies Target Coupon. I can’t tell you how much I spent out of pocket, but it couldn’t have been more than $5 on this whole thing. That may even be pushing it since I structured most of my transactions to come out to be $0.00 out of pocket or even overage. I also used all of the coupons I could get my hands on without having to buy any. Huggies wipes coupons became a precious commodity in the coupon trading world and people were paying through the nose for them.
I don’t know how many times I had my husband ask me if we didn’t have enough wipes already. Silly him, seems to forget we have TWO in diapers! My only source of sadness is that Jumbo packs of diapers never went on sale at Target while this coupon was good. That could have made for really cheap diapers. But don’t despair, I will be getting cheap diapers and more free tubs of wipes next week at Walgreens. The store is having jumbo packs for sale at 2 for $16 and for each two you buy you get a free tub of wipes.
Sigh… I love getting things for free…