Items You Should NEVER Throw Out!

Case lot sales have been popping up all over and you’ve probably started checking out your storage and what needs to be thrown out. But before you do checkout these items that almost never go bad. Because honestly who wants to be throwing out money!


Stock up on your honey because if stored right it’s not going to go bad. If it starts to crystallize just warm up the honey to restore it. I’ve done this either in the microwave with small amounts or in a pot of warm water.

Baking Soda/Cornstarch

So baking soda will lose its potency in about 18 months but you can always clean with it! I use it when cleaning my carpets, cleaning my stove, shower and more. But cornstarch, as long as it remains dry the shelf life of it is really indefinite.


Anytime I can stock up on bottled water for under $.10 each I grab a couple packs. I know Macey’s just had there’s on sale for less which was awesome! But the FDA has claimed that even if the taste is “off” it’s still safe to consume.

Brown/White Sugar

These might start to pack together but simply break it apart or heat it up slightly to restore it. These are essential in your food storage when it comes to baking.

 Dried Beans

If you didn’t know beans are a great protein item to have in your storage especially for emergency situations. Dried beans will not go bad and you can create some yummy meals with different beans. I recommend making sure you have a good stock pile of dried beans in your food storage.


Which is awesome since rice and beans go together! Store it right and you can store rice indefinitely.

Hard Grains

These have a good 10-12 year shelf life. Store them in an air tight container and they’ll store even longer. So get your buckwheat, dry corn, soft white wheat and more stored up.

White Vinegar

It’s a great item that doesn’t usually last long in my house. I use it for lots of my cleaning as well as in my dishwasher and ever so often in my cooking too.

Powdered Milk

When it comes to thinking about your long term storage powdered milk should be close to the top of your list. Not only will it store for up to at least 30 years (with proper storage) it’s used in all sorts of recipes. We even put it in our shakes every morning.

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