Join Similac Strong Moms For HIGH Value Coupons, FREE Formula, and More!

I remember standing in the formula aisle after having my first child wondering “how am I going to PAY for all of this?!” (I know – breast milk is best, but it was a decision that we had to make.)

Then I found out about the Similac Strong Moms program. It was great, and literally saved the day! After signing up, I received valuable coupons (sometimes up to $13 off!) for formula, feeding accessories, information, and even free formula samples! Okay, actually the “samples” were more like full cans, but hey – if they want to call them samples, that’s fine with me! I even remember getting a diaper bag filled with goodies in the mail!

Today, you can still sign up for Similac Strong Moms for the same great goodies. When you sign up, you’ll get some awesome coupons, formula samples, a free┬áShutterfly┬« Pregnancy Journal Photo Book, a diaper bag, and lots more goodies. You may get the diaper bag in the hospital now, so be sure to ask for one if you don’t get one in the mail.

I remember the Similac program being a huge lifesaver when I had both of my kids. If you’re a new or expecting mom (or know someone who is), I highly recommend Similac Strong Moms. Even if you plan on breasteeding exclusively, you can still get some great goodies. Plus, you never know what may happen, and those formula freebies and coupons might come in handy one day.

I actually signed up with two companies, and I can’t for the life of me remember what the other one was right now. Anyone know what it might be?

It was Enfamil! Thanks, April!

There are also lots more places to get free formula

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