Just call me Grinch

Ugh!! It’s only October 11 and I am already sick of the holiday season. Not only have retailers started showing their bright holiday decorations but the whole thing has become so stressful with toys being showered in lead before they leave the manufacturer shop or figuring out what to get the in laws who have everything. Maybe it’s because I am having to prepare in advance because I am due in December and need to be ready for it in advance since I don’t see myself decorating/shopping/writing cards with a newborn. I don’t know, but I wish it was January already.
So, here are a few things I am doing to *try* to keep the anxiety levels down:

  • Make a list of all the presents I *need* to buy. Figure out which ones need to be mailed
  • Since I have a list, how about getting ideas of what I would like to get those people and try shopping in advance.
  • Set a limit on how much I would like to spend on each person. Consider drawing names. I personally wish people would ask me what I would like to get or what I would like them to get for my son because, seriously, we don’t need anything. Anything you give me will just add to the clutter in the house. Send your $10 or whatever to my son’s 529 plan. He’ll get much better use of that than the $10 toy that will only be recalled come mid-January.
  • Divide and conquer: I don’t need to figure out what to get the in laws. Get the person who knows them the best (spouse) to figure it out.
  • Leave the perfectionist behind. I am not Martha Stewart, of that I am sure. It doesn’t have to be beautiful wrapping, magnificent decorations or gourmet cooking. Whatever it is will be.