Keep Bras in Good Shape With These Simple Tips!

Now that you’ve found bras that fits, it’s time to take care of them! Properly, that is.

The way I see it, bras are entirely too expensive to replace frequently. If you care for a bra properly, though, you can extend its life and hang onto it for much longer. That means fewer expensive (and uncomfortable) trips to the lingerie section!

Wanna keep your bras in good shape? Follow these expert tips and guidelines!

Get the Proper Size

Yesterday, I discussed how to find a bra that fits well. One important tip that should be mentioned is to purchase bras that fit snugly when hooked on the last outermost hook, like so:

Keep Bras in good shape

No matter how well you try to keep bras in good shape, the elastic in them tends to stretch over time. As the band becomes looser, you can start hooking them on the middle and inner hooks to keep them snug.

Handwash Only

Never put your bras in the washing machine! Even using a lingerie bag in the washer makes it hard to keep bras in good shape, since the agitation action of the washing machine is just too much for the delicate material and elastic.

Keep bras in good shape by handwashing them instead. I keep a mesh bag in my bathroom to collect my bras and camis, so I can handwash them later. This way they don’t get tossed into the regular laundry accidentally. To handwash bras, just let them soak in cold water with a couple drops of detergent for a few minutes, then gently agitate them before rinsing.

Use Cold Water

Cold water is the best choice when handwashing your bras. Hot and even warm water can be damaging to the elastic in bras and make them break down faster. This will cause them to stretch and lose elasticity faster than if they’re washed in cold water.

Skip the Dryer

While we’re on the topic of washing bras, don’t put them in the dryer! The heat from the dryer will slowly kill the elastic! Not only that, but the tumbling action is also rough on bras as well. While in the dryer, bras can easily become snagged on other clothes, the lint trap, or even themselves.

Keep your bras in good shape by air drying them only. There are a few ways to do this, depending on the type of bras you have. Nearly all bras can be hung up to dry. Bras with molded, or rigid, cups can also be laid on a towel-covered flat surface, cup side up. This will help the bras retain their shapes. You can also give them a few turns in a salad spinner before hanging them to dry to remove some of the excess water!

Store Them Properly

Since you’re hanging them to dry anyway, why not just keep them on the hangers? Hanging your bras to store them, as opposed to tossing them in a drawer, also helps them retain their shape and prevent them from becoming tangled together. There are all sorts of nifty bra storage contraptions on the market today, but a hanger or even hooks works just as well.

Let Them Rest

Most women have a favorite bra or two that they wear often. Unfortunately, wearing a bra frequently for several hours can cause it to become worn out much faster. It will become dingy looking and the elastic will wear out much faster.

Your best bet is to invest in several good fitting bras and rotate them. You’ll find that they don’t wear out as quickly when you do this. If you can’t find different bras that fit well, you can also buy multiples of one or two styles of bras. Number or color code the tags to keep track of which ones you’re wearing.

Do you have any other tips to keep bras in good shape?