Keep Yourself Busy While Home with These Ideas


Have they shut down schools in your area? Or, are you stuck home for another reason? Many of us are often on the go and to all of the sudden have our life situation change and be stuck at home can be panic inducing. We can also start to go a little stir crazy not being able to leave the house. 

So what can we do to stay busy? Well, here are some of my favorite ideas that will keep you busy while you are home. 

Keep Yourself Busy While Home with These Ideas

Play games 

When was the last time that you played a game with your kids? I’m betting it’s been a while.  So break out that old Monopoly or other board game, those cards or your dice set and just play. It’s fun!  Plus, it is a great way to just sit back and spend time with your child. All of us could use a little bit of that, don’t you think?

Finally catch up on Your Favorite Show

If you are anything like me, you have seasons of shows just waiting to be watched since you are typically too busy. Well, you have time now!

Learn Something New

Despite the craziness that is happening in the world right now, we live in an AMAZING time! You can literally learn almost anything just by going online. You can find free online classes, watch educational videos (YouTube is a great source), or even sign up for some paid sources. I mean, hey, you are stuck at home anyway…might as well better yourself while you are there.

Start a Garden

It is almost spring right now. Why not use this time to get a start on your garden? Now is the time to start! If you are a gardening newbie, search for some learning videos for starters.

Start a New Exercise Program

There are countless workout programs out there that you can stream for free!  Why not use this time at home to get healthy?

What are your going to do with yourself while you are home?