Keep calm and follow the holiday survival tips

We wait for holidays anxiously but when the holidays arrive, the period seems more stressful. Of course the grass is greener on the other side because when the holidays are gone, we miss the good old times and wish that they had lasted some more. So what makes the holidays so much of a hassle for moms? Apparently it’s the constant struggle to manage the work, holiday shopping, travel and taking care of kids. It is quite natural for the calmest of the moms to panic and get worked up.

If you are juggling between different tasks, you can still find time to enjoy with your family and friends and over-indulge. If you wonder as to how is it possible amongst so much chaos, then you can cast a look on our short list of holiday survival tips for moms.

Go for smart shopping: Whether you are shopping online or visiting a brick and mortar store, smart shopping can reduce your load. For the tech savvy and online shoppers who do not have the time to hit the street, you can cash in on numerous sales and offers during the holiday season. With the Black Friday sales, you have so many options to choose from. To make your life simpler, you can download some shopping apps that can lend you a helping hand with their amazing suggestions. On the other hand, if you want to catch some fresh air, you can take your girl gang along for shopping. These stressful times call for such breaks (who doesn’t mind gossiping about some nagging relatives). You capture some amazing memories or end up experiencing a hilarious encounter altogether. In either case, try starting your shopping as early as you can since you can lay your hands on some amazing offers and discounts.

While you are making preparations in full swing for the upcoming holidays, there are some basic essentials that you need to stock up. Most of the people dread the preholiday shopping because of the fear of burning hole in their pocket. But when it is done the right and smart way, it doesn’t seem to be a big deal at all. At, you can avail some amazing discount offers at the popular retailers and make the most of the holiday season.

Skip the turkey: One of the stickiest issues is to prepare turkey and invite the relatives over. You can instead host a potluck party which will put all your woes to rest. Since you are the host, you just have to offer an area for celebration with other bare essentials such as minimalist decoration, a nice dessert and of course good music. Besides, potlucks are nothing but fun since you don’t get bogged down with work and instead have so much variety to offer and pick from. Your hubby dearest can help you in making the preparations such as putting up the lights or lending you a hand in cooking.

Seek help: It’s a tedious job to clean the house on your own when you are busy in other chores while there are guests pouring in. Sure you can manage everything alone but you don’t have to. You can put your husband or kids to work. Seeking help won’t snatch your ‘Super Mom’ title and it’s okay to ask for help. You can even hire service to put your cleaning woes to rest before you host a party. It gives you a bang for your buck because you not only save a lot of precious time but avoid getting stressed out altogether. App is the buzzword nowadays and they simplify your task in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. A plethora of apps are available which give you some handy tips or even connect you with cleaners or any other type of service.

Say ‘No’: With so much on your plate, you are not obligated to look after each and everything that is thrown in your way. One such pain is the social events that we feel we are obligated to attend. It’s important to make your priority list and not keep all your holiday dates booked. After all, you need sometime for yourself and family and certain events need to take a backseat. There are certain family events which you cannot avoid and its okay. The best alternative here is to have an exit strategy ready before reaching the venue. This way you don’t end up offending the other person either.

Take a break: Amidst all this madness, it is quite important to take a break and regain your calm. You can go for a coffee or a movie date with your husband. Even better, consider getting pampered with a manicure or a hair spa session. Well, there are a lot of options to take your mind off temporarily so that you feel that it is the holiday season after all. Unless you take a good care of yourself, you won’t be able to take care of everything else.

If holiday is planned in a right manner, you won’t ever dread the holiday season.

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