Keep Your House Clean With These Simple Tips

keep your house clean

The cleaning fairy hasn’t visited me in quite a while. In fact, the cleaning fairy hasn’t visited me since I was a child living with my parents. These days, with a couple of little ones running around, I think I’ve figured out why…

Since I’ve grown up, moved out, and had a couple of little rugrats of my own, I truly feel for my parents. Sometimes it seems like nothing short of a miracle to keep your house clean, let alone keep your house clean when you have kids.

Although it didn’t come naturally, I have found a few things that do help keep my house presentable. Mind you, it’s not spotless and perfect every day, but it doesn’t take me all day to whip things in shape for company. Hopefully, they’ll help you keep your house clean too…

A Hour a Day Keeps the Dust Bunnies Away

To keep your house clean throughout the week and avoid those marathon weekend cleaning sessions, I’ve found that doing a little each day goes a long way. Try to shoot for roughly an hour of cleaning each day. You can break it up into three or four chunks of time, so it doesn’t seem so daunting. For instance, 15 minutes in the morning cleaning the bathroom and starting a load of laundry; a half hour after work folding laundry and sweeping the floors; and 15 minutes after dinner loading dishes and corraling the clutter.

Schedule Big Cleaning Tasks

Larger cleaning tasks, like scrubbing the tub or washing all of the windows, can really eat up a good portion of your day, especially if you try to get them all done on the same day. Instead, try scheduling one each day to keep your house clean and in top shape. For instance, you could institute mopping Mondays, tub and toilet Tuesdays, window Wednesdays, and so on. By tackling one or two of these each day, you’ll be much less overwhelmed.

Don’t Clean Alone

If you aren’t the only person living in your house, you aren’t the only person who should work to keep your house clean. Divvy up the daily and weekly chores evenly. If you have kids, make sure that they are responsible for chores within their ability. Most children, even toddlers, can be expected to pick up their iwn toys and messes. Forget gender roles and give boys dish duty and girls trash duty. It might also help to start a chore board, rotating the different chores to ensure that no one does the same one two days in a row.

Crank Up the Tunes

A little upbeat music gives you a lot more energy and ambition, making it a little easier to keep your house clean. Just crank some tunes and clean away!

Use Cleaning Sign Off Sheets

Restaurants and other businesses use cleaning sign off sheets to keep certain areas clean, particularly bathrooms. Why not take a cue from these businesses and use cleaning sign off sheets to keep your house clean? A simple printed sheet with the days of the week and check boxes for each task that needs to be done should be good enough. Place the sheets in clear protectors and keep a dry erase marker handy to mark off tasks as they are completed. When the week is over, just wipe it off and start again. Cleaning sign off sheets can also be a great way to ensure that everyone is doing their part; just create an extra box for initials.


What other tricks do you use to keep your house clean?