Kid Tracker GPS Smartwatch with 911 & Parent Call Functions Only $24.99! (Reg. $47.98)

Every kid needs one of these! Right now Open Sky has the Kid Tracker GPS Smartwatch with 911 & Parent Call Functions for only $24.99! (Reg. $47.98) This is a great way to make sure your kids are safe. With these GPS Smartwatches you have the ability to connect to your smartphone an use real-time GPS location and tracking functions. I’m thinking these would be a great Christmas gift for the kids.  It also offers these other features:

  • Electronic Fence Function: You can designate various activity areas for your kids on the accompanying app. Once your kids leave these areas, the app will alert you automatically.
  • Remote Monitor Function: Via the app, you can send hear your kids directly thought the Kid Tracker. With its onboard high-sensitivity microphone, you’ll also be able to hear what your kids are doing — and they won’t know you’re listening.
  • Two-way Communication Function: Parents can dial the Kid Tracker, and your kids can also make a phone call to you by pressing the “1” button for 3 seconds to dial the first recorded phone number or pressing the “2” button for 3 seconds to dial the second.
  • 911 One-Key Call for Help: Your kids can press the “SOS” button for 3 seconds and the Kid Tracker will autodial the 3 reserved SOS phone numbers circularly. These can be anything you enter, including your number, 911, etc.
  • Call Firewall Function: Your kids can only call pre-entered SOS phone numbers.

In order to get these awesome functions, you just need to download the accompanying app and you’ll be set. 

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