Eyeglasses for Kid’s! As low as $24!

There are lots of places all over town to buy eyeglasses.  You will find glasses in store for a wide range of prices, up to $300 or more.  Save the time and MONEY this year with getting the kids new glasses for school by shopping at KidsGlasses.com.

When it comes to kidseyeglasses, size matters. A child will be uncomfortable in glasses that are too large or too small for them. It is important to size frames properly.  Visit KidsGlasses.com for children’s prescription glasses starting at just $39.00 per pair. Be sure to use the ExactFit Try-On tool, which allows you to upload your child’s photo and virtually try on any frame.

Another helpful tip for finding the perfect fit is checking out the frame sizing measurements featured on KidsGlasses.com.  Last but not least, try printing an actual-size photo of our frames. By doing this, parents can choose the best glasses for their child.

For a limited time, get $15 off every pair of glasses from KidsGlasses.com and 39DollarGlasses.com. Use code STUDY15. Expires 8/31/2015.