Kindle Deal: Penny Saving Household Helper: 500 Little Ways to Save Big ($.99)

We all know that every little bit counts and even saving a few cents adds up over time.

I normally just download free Kindle books, but his one caught my eye. Penny Saving Household Helper: 500 Little Ways to Save Big has lots of little tips that you can use to save a little money here and there. If you find even just a few of these tips useful, the book will pay for itself, since it’s only $.99.

I haven’t read the whole book yet, but I have skimmed it, and it looks like there are a few useful tips among the 500. Here are a couple:

  • Use mesh onion bags as kitchen scrubbies. (I imagine you would wad them up or slip them over a sponge or dish cloth.)
  • Use mismatched socks for dusting.
  • Wipe clean window sills, cabinets, and door jams with furniture polish to make them easier to clean. (Probably best on surfaces that were just painted with semi-gloss or gloss paint.)
  • Use an electric razor or pumice stone to remove pills from sweaters.
  • Keep a few frozen jugs of water in the freezer. It helps your freezer work more efficiently by taking up space, and you can use the frozen bottles of water to keep your refrigerator colder if the electricity goes out. (I already do this, but it’s not something a lot of people know.)
  • Store brown sugar in the freezer to keep it from hardening. (As much as I cook and bake, I actually did not know this!)