Updated: Kmart Super Doubles Are Back, Only Select Stores in MI


UPDATE:  According to KC Penny Piching Mama and and reader Danay, this double coupon program is only for select cities in MI.  Read more about it here.  <I am equally as bombed as you are>

Oh, Super doubles how have I missed you!  Check out what I just found out from Money Saving Mom (you can tell I haven’t stepped foot in a Kmart since having a baby).  Apparently “some” Kmarts are doubling 5 manufacturer coupons every day from now through December 19th.  This is what the signs at one of her reader’s store said:

*You can double up to 5 coupons each day.
*You can double coupons up to $2 (doubling to $4).
*Promotion runs through 12/19.

Now, I am really sorry I didn’t swing by my local Kmart this evening after hitting the Grocery Store.  If you have found this same information at your local Kmart please please share in the comments section.  I am sure other readers would love to know at which stores this is going on.   However, the best way to find out if this is going on at your local store is by calling your local store.  But if you have one of those stores that nobody ever knows anything and you live close by a Kmart you may test this by doubling just one coupon and see what happens.

Thanks Money Saving Mom and Spectacular Savings!

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