Kmart Super Doubles 7/5-7/11: Best Deals and Coupon Matches


It’s time for another round of Kmart Super Doubles.  Since this promotion started at Kmart last year in October many of the rules have changes and also many of you are new to this promotion.  So, here are the quick and dirty details:

::: During Kmart Super Doubles, Kmart will double coupons with a face value up to and including $2.  This means that a coupon with a face value of $1 will double to give you savings of up to $2.  A coupon with a face value of $2 will double and provide you with savings of up to $4.  Coupons with a face value greater than $2 will not double at all.  Kmart won’t double your buy one get one free coupon or you FREE coupon.

::: Kmart will not provide overage when they double your coupons.  This means that if the value of the item is $3.50 and your coupon is for $2 face value.  The coupon will double to match the value of the item ($3.50) and nothing more.

::: Kmart started accepting internet printable coupons back in February.  In general, you should not have a problem getting your printable coupons doubled during this promotion.  However, it is always a good idea to check with your local store management.

::: You can double up to four like coupons at a time.

::: You can double up to 10 coupons total per person per day when you have a grocery/health&beauty purchase of $25 or more.  Honestly, I am not too concerned about this restriction because  it’s very easy to get your order to $25, I find.  This new $25 limit is BEFORE coupons are applied.

Other pointers for a successful Super Doubles Trip:

  • Be aware of coupons that are $x off two or more items.  Sometimes these coupons are not doubled up to the full value that they should.  For example, If you have a coupon for $1 off two items and the items are on sale 2/$3.  The coupon will only double up to $1.50.  This is a flaw of Kmart’s register system.  I usually still write my deals providing the full savings discount because I feel that it is up to you to have Kmart honor what they are advertising.  This is something that I would bring up to Customer Service if it happened to me.
  • Make sure the doubled coupon is applied to the right item or you may find that some coupons didn’t double to the value that they should.  I will give a simple example that happened to me:  I bought a Huggies Wipes tub and Huggies jumbo pack of diapers.  For some reason the coupon for the wipes doubled correctly to the amount it should, but the coupon for the diapers didn’t.  So, when the screen comes up for the cashier to select the item the coupon applies to, make sure that s/he selects the proper item.

If you have any other questions about this promotion please leave a comment on this post. There are tons of people who visit this blog who have been doing this for a while and will be happy to help others take advantage of this promotion to the fullest. Without further ado:

Check out my complete list of best deals here.

I will have a separate post highlighting a diaper deal on Huggies diapers and a diaper deal on Pampers diapers that will be going on next week. I read on Hotcouponworld that there will be a catalina promotion on Procter & Gamble products next week at Kmart. But I need to confirm the details and participating products.

Happy Savings!