Kmart Super Doubles: Only P&G Coupons?


I have received multiple emails and comments regarding the Super Double Coupon promotion going on at Kmart the week of September 27th. Apparently there’s a lot of confusing communication coming from Kmart. Some readers are getting emails saying that only Procter & Gamble coupons will be doubled, and then only five or only ten of them. Others have received emails making no mention of this at all and only mentioning previous rules such as $25 purchase and 10 coupon limit.

So what would it be? Unfortunately, after checking on a couple of message boards it seems the confusing emails keep on coming. It is also unfortunate that Kmart has pulled the early preview of their ad from their website that was usually available on Thursdays. Kim, over at STL Mommy, is working on trying to get an official position on what exactly will happen at this next super double coupon event. I will also be trying to call Kmart on my own. But we may have to wait until Sunday to find out what the case may be.

Personally, if only P&G coupons are included I would be very disappointed. Don’t get me wrong any double coupon promotion where I live is welcomed. BUT the deals will be so limited if indeed only P&G coupons are included.

Some of you have asked about what stores are participating. You can find a list by state available on Hotcouponworld.