Kmart: Next Round of Super Doubles Starts 8/30


Yeah, I am serious! I have gotten several emails from readers sharing the emails they have gotten from Kmart directly confirming this. Kmart Super Doubles will be back before you know it. But hopefully just in time for stores to be restocked again and just in time for you to get a hold of coupons you may need for doubling. May I remind you that if you didn’t have any coupons you wanted to double you can use a coupon clipping service like The Coupon Clippers to get your hands in those coupons.

I was finally able to go shopping last night and I went to Kmart, Walgreens and Walmart. I was amazed to find my local Kmart completely restocked. Everything on my list was on the shelves. I got $56 worth of good for only $2.47 after coupons. Then I headed to Walgreens where I was able to find five tubs of Huggies wipes. My total after coupons was $1.4x but I used $10 in RRs I had from the Reach deal last week. I still got a $5 RR back and one item I bought was a Conair Hair Clipper I found 75% off for $5.96. Shopping at Walmart was not as good but I was able to pick up an Edward’s Single Key Lime pie for $0.17 and some free Healthy Choice frozen meals.

Have a great Friday!

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