Kmart Super Doubles: States and List of Participating Stores


I have compiled a partial list of Kmart stores at participating states that will be doubling coupons next week. So far I have information for the states of  IN, KA, CA, OH, WI, TN, IL, MI, GA, SD, KY, FL and NJ. If you don’t leave in these states and would like to find out if any store near you is participating please email <>.  If you do, please  forward the email to me so I can share with the rest of the readers.

I also stopped by the store to “scout” the deals and let me tell you, there will be tons of deals.  The preview of the weekly ad is available already and there will be a moneymaker deal on Kelloggs cereals.  The offer is buy 4 (4/$10) and get a $5 Kmart Gift Card by mail.  Double the 1/1 coupons from 4/5 Red Plum insert.  You would pay $2 out of pocket and get a $5 Kmart Gift card.  Check out the ad preview here.  It should help give you an idea what coupons to start clipping now.

See the list of stores I have compiled so far here.

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