Last minute Gift Ideas for the Procrastinator


So, you waited a little too long to buy your Christmas gifts, right?  You have only a couple of days left where you can actually get out and shop (you do need to work after all).  So, what to do? Well, there are lots of great ideas out there for last minute gift ideas for those that you need to buy for.  

Here are some last minute gift ideas for the procrastinator:

  • Gift Cards.  Gift cards are the procrastinator’s best friend when it comes to buying gifts.  Most stores like Walmart, Target, or even your grocery store has a gift card shelf with all kinds of gift cards.  You just grab one, pay for it at the register and you are done. Or, if you have really waited too long or you simply don’t want to go into the store, you can buy one online.  I am a big proponent of Amazon gift cards. You can even buy those and have them delivered instantly via email.  Doesn’t get much easier, right?
  • Bath sets.  You can go into just about any big box store and buy a nice bath set. The type that comes with a bath puff, some nice body wash, etc.  So, these aren’t super personal, but they really are great gifts. Not only does everyone need to bathe, but hey, you are saving that person money since they don’t have to go out and buy new bath stuff anytime soon.
  • Throw Blanket.  Throw blankets make easy gifts because you can find them in an end cap of multiple aisles in most stores and hey, everyone likes to be warm and cozy, right?  Try to get one in a color or design that is fitting for your gift recipient to personalize it a little bit more.
  • Cash.  This one will go over well with any teens or adolescents that you are shopping for this season. Cash is king, my friends!  Okay, I personally don’t like to gift cash because I find it completely impersonal, but young people do like getting money to spend how they choose.  Also, sometimes people fall on bad times and genuinely need it so giving someone cash maybe changing their whole life at that moment.


What is your favorite last-minute gift to give?