Link Round Up

I participated in the Carnival of Frugality this week with my post “Thriving During Financial Turmoil”

This week I really found this post by Mindi incredibly helpful “Being frugal with your Time: In the Kitchen.” These are simple things we can do to save time on our everyday activities.

Kelly at Almost Frugal asks the reason why you go shopping. Are you doing it because you need something or for entertainment purposes?

On the same note, Alyssa in a guest post at Coupon Cravings reminds us not to take our CVSing too seriously.

I really loved this article by Christina at Northern Cheapskate on How to Save Money when you Think You Can’t.

Finally, is the current economic outlook making you rethink your Holiday spending? Donna from the MSN Smart Spending Blog shares some strategies to not let the current situation put a damp on your holiday cheer.