Lower Your Out of Pocket Expenses at Kmart with this Deal

Kmart has a catalina promotion that’s been going on for a while. Get $2 catalina off your next order (OYNO) when you buy one Glade Gel Warmer Plug In. The regular price is $1.78 at my store. if you use the buy one get one coupon from 9/14 inserts. You pay $1.78 out of pocket but you get two $2 OYNO coupons.

What’s so great about this is that you can use it on anything you don’t have a coupon for. Because it is a manufacturer coupon it could double up to $2 depending on the value of the item you are buying. Last night I paid 50 cents for a huge container of peanuts that was on sale for $4.50.

Take note however, if you have a coupon for every item you are buying then your catalina won’t double. That’s because there’s no item for the catalina to “attach” to.

Happy Savings!