Lunchbox Inspiration: Five Ingredients Five Ways – Cream Cheese

Yesterday we talked about 5 ways to make a lunch with peanut butter. Today let’s talk about 5 ways to make a child’s lunch with cream cheese! You can add tomatoes, strawberries, and a variety of vegetables to cream cheese to make a delicious meal.
Strawberry and Cream Cheese SandwichSpread some cream cheese on a sandwich and add strawberries inside the sandwich. This sounds delicious!

Cream Cheese Veggie Wrap– Try spreading cream cheese inside lettuce and wrap the lettuce to make a sandwich. Kids don’t like lettuce? Try wrapping a tortilla around some other yummy vegetables like tomatoes with cream cheese layered inside.

Turkey and Cream CheeseOpen-Face Turkey Bites are easy to make! Try adding cream cheese, shredded cheese, and turkey on top of crackers! Serve with fruit or veggies.

Cream Cheese and Ham Pinwheels– Make a bento lunch with pinwheels stuffed with cream cheese and ham.

Cream Cheese Fruit Dip– Why not serve cream cheese as a dip or yogurt? Any veggies or fruit can be eaten with cream cheese.