Macey’s BEST Weekly Deals January 6th – 12th

I only post the Best Deals each week in this matchup on purpose. If it was featured in the ad and it isn’t listed below, I just didn’t think it was that good of a price to share. So try not to purchase items that aren’t listed below-unless you can’t wait for a better sale. Any items listed in RED are items you might want to consider Stocking Up on!

Kellogg’s 10-18 oz Cereal $2
Use the in-ad Promo: 3 for $5
Total cost $1.67 each

Nabisco 9.5-13 oz Chips Ahoy Cookies $1.49 each (Fri & Sat ONLY) – Limit 6

Hostess 6-10 ct Snacks $1.67 each (Fri & Sat ONLY)

Food Club 16 oz Peanut Butter $.99

Sweet Oranges $.49 a lb

Honeycrisp Apples $1.88 a lb (Fri & Sat ONLY)

Ripe Avocados $.88 each

1 lb Baby Cut Carrots $.99

Green Bell Peppers $.99 each

Boneless Pork Loin Roast in Bag $1.79 a lb (Fri & Sat ONLY)

Food Club 7-8 oz Shredded or Block Cheese $1.67 each

Food Club 5 Dozen Large Eggs $4.99

Food Club 24 pk Bottled Water $1.99

Food Club Canned Fruit 14.5-15.25 oz $.99

Food Club 5 oz Chunk Light Tuna $.69

Food Club 14-14.5 oz Broth $.59

Food Club 64 oz Apple Juice or Cider $.99

Food Club 12-16 oz Pasta $.99

Powerade 28 oz Sports Drink $.79

Food Club 48 oz Ice Cream $2.50

Lean Cuisine Frozen Dinners $2 each