All You Magazine Subscription Winners


I have some winners to announce! The winners of the one year subscription to All You Magazine are: beth (bgier1@xxxxx.xxxxxxx) and Carol (nosunshyne@xxxxxx.xxxx).

Also, are you excited? The All You Grocery Challenge begins tomorrow! I want to tell you that I am very excited about it. While I officially couldn’t enter this challenge, I will be doing it with you. My pantry and freezer need a serious trimming, so I will be doing the challenge on my own and using a lot of food from my pantry and freezer in the process. Starting this Monday I hope to share this with you including recipes, expenses and all.

If you have not entered the challenge, it is not too late yet. Don’t be intimidated by it and make sure to check the Grocery Challenge Blog where some frequently asked questions have been answered. Finally, don’t forget to use the tools provided to make it easy for you to follow up this challenge such as the spending log.

Have fun!