How to Make The Back to School Transition Easier


Whether your kids are already back to school or they will be returning in the coming months, you are probably dealing with the stress of all of it. Honestly, sending the kids back to school is stressful for parents and kids alike. I’m also finding it stressful for my son that is not yet school age. His big brother and sister are leaving him and he is broken hearted!

We have been working on how to make the back to school transition easier for all of us and we are finding that the following things have been helpful. If you have any further suggestions for us, please feel free to share!

How to Make The Back to School Transition Easier


That’s right. Simply allowing your kids to talk to you about their stresses and let them ask you any questions that they may have will calm their anxieties more than you might think. Plus, knowing that you have their back will go far to building their confidence.

Take a Tour of the School

Take your kiddo to the school and let them get familiar with it. It’s nerve wracking to walk into school with a large number of other kids. This stress is intensified if the kids aren’t familiar with the school. Even if they have been to that school before, it’s good for them to get familiar with their new classroom. 

Set up Some Playdates

Getting the kids together with their classmates before school starts is a great way to get them feeling comfortable and excited again. Knowing that they get to go to school and hang out with friends is going to be exciting. 

Grab Some Fun Lunch Food

If your kiddo is feeling nervous, one thing that always works at my house is to let my kids go grocery shopping with me for lunch food. I let them pick out treats that they get to have at home very often. It helps them get excited about packing their lunch and enjoying their fun lunch time at school.