Make Sure You Are Paying For Meat NOT Water

During my last shopping trip at Walmart I decided to check the meat displays, to confirm something I read in June’s edition of Consumer Reports. The magazine warns readers to be careful to read the labels of any chicken meat they purchase.

Did you know that some chicken processing companies inject the chicken they process with up to 15% of chicken broth? They do this so that the cooked meat ends up juicy and tender. With meat so expensive, can you imagine only getting 85% of its value?

This particular brand I found at Walmart that day, Perdue’s Pilgrim Pride, stated right on the front of the bag that it had up to 15% in broth added to the meat. The bag was priced at $8, so that’s $1.20 people are paying for water instead of meat. So beware, read those labels in the packages of meat you buy.

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