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Yesterday I received a letter from the hospital where I delivered my son two months ago. This is what it said:

“Dear such and such, your total for services rendered on 12/3/07 is $7880.00. Insurance paid $0, your responsibility $7880.00. Please pay within 30 days.” Ok, so maybe it wasn’t quite that short but that was the general idea. They give no detail as to how they arrived to that total or what that total entails. I am going to call them to get a break down of this bill. I don’t question the amount I just can’t believe they don’t give any billing details.

That letter was the last bill from my pregnancy and delivery charges. Here is a detail of all the bills we received:
Obstetric services $3850
Anesthesia services $570
My Hospital charges $7880
My son’s hospital charges $2170
Son’s Pediatric check up $273
For a total of $14,743

Our insurance is supposed to cover 90% of that leaving us with an out of pocket of $1,474. But of course is never as easy as it sounds. Notice that the letter we got yesterday says the insurance paid $0.00 towards my hospital stay charges. My husband’s HR department spends more time looking at our medical charges than they do looking at employees issues, I swear. Nothing is ever right with the way insurance processes things for us. We are already owed more than $200 for past overcharges. We will see how this one gets settled.

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