Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus

Never have gender differences been so obvious between my husband and me than in the last few days. The fluctuations in the stock market in the last few days have made for interesting dinner conversations.
What do you do when your investing style is not the same as your spouse? Not that I expected my husband to have the same investing style as I do. He is a risk taker, likes to take gambles and would love to have $10,000 to “play” in the market. I am more cautious, invest for the long term, stay the course type of person.
The past few days we have been going back and forth about what to do with what we have saved: should we move it to “safer” investments? (what’s really safe nowadays by the way?), or should we stay put. I start researching conservative alternatives and while I am doing that I get an email from him to check on X, Y OR Z, stocks, they seem to be holding up well.
However, as frustrating as the whole situation may sound I am realizing that we are working as a great team. My wait and see attitude tames his impulses. His love for risk makes me take chances on an investment I would have never bought otherwise. It all works out in the end, even if it takes a few compromises.