Men’s Razors For Just $3 a Month

I love this idea – it’s genius! Basically, you get a month’s supply of razors for just a buck. Yep, a whole $1. Just sign up for a Dollar Shave Club membership, choose the razors you want, and have them shipped to your door each month. Not only is it super convenient, but it’s also super cheap.

They have prices starting from $1 a month for four blades, and you’ll get a free compatible handle when you sign up or switch plans. Shipping is $2, so you could be paying as little as $3 a month for your shaving needs. Of course, you can also pay just a little more and get the four or six blade razors every month for $6.00 or $9.00 shipped. You can also choose monthly add-ons like shave butter and wipes for $8.00 and $4.00 shipped.

But basically, you can stick with the Humble Twin razors and pay only $3.00 every month for razors delivered right to your door.

Here’s a fun little illustration explaining how it works, right from the Dollar Shave Club website: