Minky Pillow Bed Covers Just $27.99! (Reg. $60)

Look how squishy and fun!!! Check out these Minky Pillow Bed Covers for Only $27.99! (Reg. $60). They are made with super soft Minky fabric. They provide a great way to relax and hang out! They are as wide as a standard queen pillow (26”) and 88” long… so kids of all ages and even most adults will fit on these!Perfect for movie nights, reading books, vacations, and sleepovers! Easy to move and store. Easily folds into a seat or fits under most beds!


  • Measures: 26” width x 88” length.  Includes the COVER ONLY.
  • Zippers on the back make it easy to remove pillows and wash whenever needed.
  • Fits 5 standard queen pillows that can be purchased for very inexpensive at most home stores.