Missoni for Target: What’s the Deal There?

Yesterday Target launched a new Missoni for Target line and people went nuts for it.  The line is almost sold out online and you may have some luck finding it in store.  I am thinking that this will also be one of those cases where you will be able to find the items on sale on Ebay for inflated prices since demand was so crazy.

So, what’s the point of this post? That I just don’t get it.  I mean I just checked online and there is even a Missoni bicycle and luggage and vases.  And a lot of this stuff is sold out!  I am in awe because here I was just this past Saturday shocked that grocery prices had gone up from one week to the next 10-15% on the staples I buy.  Yet, this Missoni for Target sold out in hours.

So, maybe the economy is not as messed up as I feel it is.  or maybe people need to get their priorities in check.  IDK, what do you think?