MommyPolls: Answer Questions, Comment on Fun Topics and Earn Rewards

mommypollsI know I value the input (advice, suggestions and ideas) of other moms, so MommyPolls just makes sense. It’s FREE Mommy Advice–from other women (moms, grandmothers, etc… and yes, dads are welcome too)! But, it’s also a great way to get rewarded for some of the activities that you ALREADY do 🙂 Many of us are online all day, and many of our readers are right there with us. We’re all part of a community (we ask questions, comment, answer… over-and-over). Here’s a way to get rewarded for it!

mommypolls2Ask Questions, Answer Questions, and Comment on Fun Topics…and Earn Rewards! MommyPolls wants to reward parents for their feedback. As they say: “Being open and honest with your questions and answers allows us to help other parents, which in turn, allows us to help you!”