Monday 6/30:Visit to Jackson Square

Yesterday, after the baby’s morning nap I decided I had waited long enough to get my beignets. See, they were the real reason I came to New Orleans. With the kids in the double stroller I rolled into Cafe du Monde, only to realize that my soccer mom stroller was too big for the place. I stopped a waitress and asked if I could order with her and she said I had to go to the counter. Then she looked at the monster stroller and the two kids and took pity on me. $8 later I walked away with my bag of beignets and iced coffee. It could have been less but I tipped her generously for taking my order. I walked across the street to Jackson Square to enjoy my treat.

We skipped lunch because of the late treat. So we had an early dinner of oyster poboy and seafood gumbo for $12. Total for this day: $20
New Running total: $303.58