Money Hacks that Will Help You Save

Are you looking for ways to build up your savings?  Sometimes it seems like saving money is the hardest thing in the world.  It is not so bad to save though when you know some tricks.

Check out these easy money hacks that will help you save money and get ahead:

  • Automatic savings deposit.  Take part of your paycheck, even a small part and have it deposited into a savings account that you don’t have an ATM or debit card for.  Say you put $50 per month into it, that’s a relatively small amount, but over the course of the year you will have saved $600!  Since it is in a regular savings account, you still have access to it, but you will have to go there during business hours in order to withdraw it.  It makes it a little more difficult which is great for preventing you from spending it on a whim.
  • Set up a  keep the change transfer.  My bank account has something called a “keep the change” transfer.  Whenever I make a purchase with my debit card, the bank automatically rounds up to the nearest dollar and transfers the difference into my savings account.  Say I make a purchase of $7.65.  It will show a debit of $8 in my checking account, while my savings account will get a deposit of $0.35.  Those deposits can add up quickly!
  • Pay your credit cards in full.  Unless you have a 0% interest offer, never, ever let a balance sit on your credit cards.  You are just wasting money paying it in interest throughout the month(s).  If you pay in full, you won’t have interest charges, which (depending on the limit on your credit card) can be huge savings each and every month.
  • Set goals and rewards.  Set savings goals for yourself and reward yourself when you have reached those goals.  Maybe your reward will be something as simple as a pizza night or as grand as a tropical vacation.  Either way, the reward is great motivation to continue toward your goal!

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