Money Saving Tip: Have your coupons mailed to you

This a great money saving tip shared by reader Charlene:

I just wanted to mention for people that are trying to cut back on shopping trips it is great to sign up for the Red Plum mailers- I get tons of coupons for restaurants and fast food places as well as grocery ads a day early. So the ads for our local stores like Safeway and Raleys break on Wednesday but I get the sales circular on Tuesday so I know if its a cruddy week I best get a few extra items Tuesday night. Otherwise the ads wouldn’t come until the day they break and its too late. For those of us stuck with outrageously overpriced stores that won’t take IPs or double it can be really helpful.

Also, if you live in a major city, signing up to receive Red Plum coupons by mail ensures you a second copy of the great coupons in that insert: the one you get inside your Sunday newspaper and the ones mailed to you. Sign up here.

Thank you Charlene for this great tip!