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A few weeks ago, I put on my 7 month old a brand new onesie I bought for him back in November. While I was lifting him up to carry him I noticed the onesie was ripped under his arm pit. Since I had such great success calling Kimberly Clark about defective products I decided to put Gerber to the test.

I explained to customer service that this was a brand new onesie I had put on and it was defective. They were quick to mail me a mailing label so I could mail them the defective onesie. Today I received not one but two replacement onesies as well as some great Gerber coupons.

All it takes is just one quick call. I hope next time you find you have bought a defective product you consider calling customer service to let them know about it. Companies want to hear about this to improve their products.

Other than that it was a great mail day since we put it on hold while we were gone. I got ten $5/3 Johnson’s products Target coupons and a potluck of non-insert coupons. These coupons I traded for and the only cost I incurred was the cost of one stamp. Add the Gerber onesies and a sample of Kashi granola. Great day so far, even with the mountain of laundry I am working through.

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