Murphy Pays a Visit


We were woken up early this morning at 3 am by a very loud noise.  My husband explained it was the sound of our siding coming off.  A quick peak out the window showed us all of the pieces that had come off.  Pictured are just some of them, as there were also some by the front of the house.  Below is a picture of the area where the siding came off.


A week or so ago my husband went up there because one small piece had come loose.  As he inspected the area he noticed that the builders of the house did not nail down the siding in that area.  Unfortunately, the 50 mph winds we had last night did a quick job of ripping this poor siding job and my husband didn’t have time to fix it before it got worse.

We don’t remember what our insurance deductible is, but we will probably end up paying for this out of our own pocket anyway.  Thank God for an emergency fund.  A good reason why I am glad we didn’t use it to pay for the new car.