My Absolute Favorite Laundry Tricks

What is your least favorite household chore? Mine is hands down laundry. Seriously. I hate it so much. I may have been known to let my laundry pile up a little too long because I seriously just don’t enjoy it. 

There are countless tips out there for making laundry duty quicker, easier, more fun, etc. Here’s the thing though, I don’t think that all of these help. Thankfully, some of them do though. The following is a list of my absolute favorite laundry tips that have actually helped me get my laundry pile under control. 

My Absolute Favorite Laundry Tricks

Wool Dryer Balls

Grabbing a pair of wool drying balls is a huge help! They help to cut down on drying time (and wrinkles too!). I started using them a few years ago and love them! I like to include several drops of essential oils onto mine to give my laundry a lovely scent. 

Invest in Good Laundry Baskets

While it may not seem like it, your laundry baskets make a big difference in how your laundry chores go. Make sure to get good quality baskets and hampers that are easy to carry and not too heavy, but sturdy enough that they aren’t going to break or give out easily (sorry dollar store baskets). 

Dedicate Specific Days to Specific Washes

No need to take an entire day to do laundry. I have found it is much better to spend a particular day on washing specific items. For example, I use Mondays to wash all linens and towels, while using a day later in the week for clothing. 

Enlist Help

Okay, my friends. This is my absolute favorite laundry tip ever! Yes, it really is as simple as enlisting help. Ask your spouse to help with laundry duty. Add it to your kids chore list. Once the kids get old enough, you can start having them be in charge of their own laundry.