My Best Week Yet

Can you believe I got all of this for zero out of pocket?
This is what I got this week at Walgreens:

  1. ten 2.5 oz Aveeno moisturizing lotions
  2. six lip balms
  3. four polident toothpaste
  4. ten RX essentials for diabetics bottles
  5. eighteen packs of Extra Gum
  6. six jumbo packs of diapers
  7. two dozen eggs and
  8. six Lindts truffles

How did I pay for it?

  1. three $10 register rewards from the Aveeno offer this week
  2. overage from the Rx essentials and Extra Gum and
  3. $15.95 charged to a $25 Walgreens Gift Card I got from redeeming a coupon for an RX transfer offer.

What do I have coming to me in addition to all of this?

  1. $13 from Caregivers Market Place Refund Plan
  2. $10 Gift Card from Polident
  3. 3 Soy joy bars and the possibility of 9 more from Nature Made Rewards Plan

And I still have $9.05 to spend on the gift card.

I also got my toes wet by making my first mini trip to CVS. I am sorry I have no pictures. The picture I had taken didn’t upload. I wanted to get diapers by taking advantage of their offer this week. So I ended up with 5 packs of 24 count Excedrin and 6 jumbo packs of Huggies diapers for $17 out of pocket. Since I was not interested in keeping the ECBs rolling but was more interested in cheap diapers, I turned around and redeemed the 10 ECBS I got from their baby offer by getting even more diapers. I will also add this to the Caregivers Market Place form, get $6 back and should end up with $1.83 per jumbo pack of diaper.

In case you are wondering, I do have two kids in diapers so they will go through all of these diapers. My mother in law has diabetes and takes medicine for it so the RX Essentials will make a nice gift for her and I am planning on taking the Polident to either the local senior center or the food bank.

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