My Favorite Budget-Friendly Home Organizing Tips

I used to live in a pretty cluttered, chaotic home space. It wasn’t diary, per say, but we were definitely living with a massive amount of clutter that was not conducive to a well functioning household. When I moved out on my own I was able to finally change those habits and create an organization system that worked for me. 

I’m sharing with you my favorite budget-friendly home organizing tips because keeping your home in order doesn’t have to mean taking an expensive trip to the container store or buying gadgets or tools. It can be much easier and cost effective than that. 

My Favorite Budget-Friendly Home Organizing Tips

A Place for Everything

Seriously, this is hands down the best way to keep your home organized. Make sure that everything in your home has a place. If there is not already a place for something, do you really need to bring it into your home?

Making sure you have a spot to put each thing away helps to keep you from tossing stuff in random places and cluttering up your space. 

Create a To-Do List

To-do lists are so very helpful! We are all busy, busy, busy, make sure that included in your daily tasks you include the chores you need to keep up at home. Trust me, it is easier to keep your things organized with daily reminders a.k.a. To -Do Lists.  

Make Use of Those Corners

Use those seldom used corners in your home to place shelves or cabinets (check out thrift stores before you buy new.) This is a great use of space that allows you to store more of your stuff without using a large furniture or organization piece in your home.