My Son the Frugal Budget Buster

Back in February I bought five footie pajamas a size bigger for my oldest son to wear to bed this winter. Well, he doesn’t want to wear them!! “It hurts me,” he says. I think the footies are throwing him off. So, now I have to get him regular pants and long sleeve winter pajamas. My boy is growing up so fast! He wants his preferences heard from now on.

So, now I am wondering if it will be OK to buy him winter pajamas for next year the same way, but no footies this time. Or will he not “like” the design. Well, I hope that’s not the case because he’s already all set for summer pajamas next year.

I hope boy #2 will be able to wear the brand new pajamas #1 doesn’t want to wear now. It just occurred to me that maybe there’s a way to re-introduce the pajamas to him to change his opinion. Any ideas?

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