New Hasbro Toy Coupons

If you need to get some toys to fill up Easter Basket, check out these new Hasbro toy Coupons available:

  • $3 off Iron Man 2 Toy
  • $5 off Rocket Boost Iron Man
  • $5 off Iron Man Armor Chargers
  • $5 off Iron Man Battle Vechiles
  • $5 off Iron Man Helmet Toy
  • $5 off THOR Electronic Figure
  • $5 off Thor Lightning Hammer
  • $5 off Iron Man Rolling Battle Headquarters
  • $5 off Wisecracking Spider-Man Figure
  • $5 off RC Walking Iron Man
  • $5 off Repulsor Power Iron Man 2
  • Well, it looks like mostly boy toys.  But hopefully we will find some coupons for girl toys.

    Thanks, Southern Savers!

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