New Year Countdown: Favorite Coupons of 2008

Whether 2008 was a good year for coupons I don’t know.  It was my first year using coupons so I don’t have a reference for comparison.  But next year I will.  I actually think that 2009 will be a good year for coupons.  I think a lot of companies will be competing for your business and that will translate into good coupon savings.

These were some of my favorite coupons:

  • $1 off Peter Pan Peanut Butter in January and August.  I got several free jars of PB with this coupon.
  • $2.25 off an Electrasol in January and August.  I am well stocked up on dishwashing detergent.  I read on HCW that there will be a $2.50/1 Electrasol coupon in this weekend’s inserts so if you haven’t had a chance to use this coupons.  You may be able to do so now.
  • $3 off two Huggies Cleanteam wipes in March (or April) and then July.  I stocked up on a lot of these wipes with these coupons  Although I wouldn’t recommend to clean a baby’s bum the clean messy hands very well and now that my oldest is potty trained I can use them for their intended purpose.
  • $5 off three Johnson’s and Johnson’s Target coupon (this summer).  This coupon allowed me to get well stocked in baby wash and q-tips for free or cents.
  • $5 off three Johnson’s and Johnson’s manufacturer coupons.  Overage from this coupon paid for a lot of my groceries this fall.
  • $3 off two Huggies items Target coupon (January).  This coupon allowed me to stock up on baby wipes.  I still have a few more of those tubs and I will probably have left for the next baby.

Those were some of my favorite coupons.  As you can see a lot of them were for baby items and a few of them provided me with free food or overage to pay for it.  What were some of YOUR favorite coupons for this year?  Leave a comment sharing which coupon you liked and which coupon you would like to see again in 2009.

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