Nintendo LABO Robot 02 and VR 04 Kit Bundle Only $26.99! (Each Kit Only $13.49!)

Score!! Right now at Costco, you can get this Nintendo LABO Robot 02 and VR 04 Kit Bundle for Just $26.99! Discover how your creations work with the Nintendo Switch technology by peeking inside them and watching handy tutorials. It’s all part of the software included with every kit!

  • Get tips, ideas, and insight
  • You can also find fun gameplay tips, new project ideas, decorating tutorials, and more.
  • Learn about each Toy-Con creation
  • Get the inside scoop on everything you build, from the basics to the in-depth concepts behind the creations.

Toy-Con 02 Robot Kit
Build a backpack and visor that let you control a huge on-screen robot. Then smash buildings, fly, transform into a tank, and much more!

Toy-Con 02 VR Kit
DIY fun, pass-and-play multiplayer, and family-friendly play with simple, shareable VR gaming. Includes a programming tool you can use to create your own VR games and experiences!