Nintendo New 3DS XL – Super NES Edition Available For Pre-Order!

Nintendo has been killing it by bringing back their retro systems. The new Nintendo 3DS XL-Super NES Edition is no exception. It is now available for pre-orders at $199.99. If this is on your wish list, pre-ordering is the way to go. It ensures that you will have that perfect present under the tree.

As the holidays get closer it can get harder and harder to get your hands on popular gaming systems like this. Plus, with Amazon’s Pre-Order Price Guarantee you know you will get Amazon’s lowest price. Plus, it will ship free once it releases on November 27th.

  • The New Nintendo 3DS XL system combines next-generation portable gaming
  • The New Nintendo 3DS XL system plays all Nintendo DS games. Nintendo DS games will not appear in 3D.
  • AC adapter sold separately. New Nintendo 3DS XL uses the same AC adapter as the Nintendo DSi, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 2DS systems.
  • 3D Mode recommended for Ages 7+
  • Includes download code for Super Mario Kart (Super NES).

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