Nintendo Wii Mini With Mario Kart Only $99!

Okay, I’m officially intrigued. Have you seen the Wii Mini game console? Am I the only one who didn’t know about this?

Apparently, this is something of a “lite” version of a regular Wii. It has no Internet access or other bells and whistles. All it does is play the Wii games. Our Wii finally died a few weeks ago, so I’m thinking that this might be a decent affordable replacement, since all we ever did was play the games on it anyway. Plus…it’s red! My favorite color!

This is also marked down to $99 at Walmart right now. Along with the game console, you’ll also receive the game Mario Kart, a¬†Wii Remote Plus, and Nunchuk controller. Shipping is free on this, or you can pick it up at your local store for free.

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