No More Red Plum Inserts in Some Newspapers


Last week I received and email from a reader asking if I knew why red Plum inserts stopped showing up in her Sunday newspaper inserts.  This is happening in a lot of newspapers across major cities in the states of Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, New jersey, Utah, Virginia, Washington DC, North Carolina, Maryland and Texas.  This is the press release about this:

“Starting in February, the RedPlum coupon booklet will now be delivered in Cleveland through consumers’ mailboxes along with their weekly grocery circulars and other savings and deals. By using direct mail, the RedPlum insert will now be able to reach almost twice as many Cleveland households as in the past. In these challenging economic times, it has never been more important to make these essential savings available to as many Clevelanders as possible so they can stretch the dollars in their wallets.”Thomas Murray, Vice President of the Valassis Corporation

If you are being impacted by this you have three options available:

  1. Contact the companies that advertise and issue coupon in the Red Plum inserts and express your discontent.  You can find a list of the companies and contact information here.  You can also contact the Valassis Company itself (issuers of Red Plum) and complain online or by calling the number 1-800-437-0479.
  2. You can leave a comment about how this is affecting you on this website created to bring attention to Valassis about how this impacts consumers.
  3. You can also sign up to get your coupons delivered via mail here.

Even if you have not been impacted by this, I think it is smart to voice your concern.  Given the current economic situation a lot of newspapers and printers are having a lot of problems staying afloat.  Who is to say that Valassis won’t eventually stop issuing coupons all together.